18 May 2019



The most unanticipated political game played in the last Osun gubernatorial election and general election was the politics of coalition, it was between All Progressive Congress and Social Democratic Party for a successful outcome in the last Osun state gubernatorial election. Surprisingly, the presumed heavyweight political figure fell like a pack of cards.

The aftermath was a season film, which led to a catastrophic consequence for the APC candidates in the Osun East senatorial seat, Ife Federal Constituency and State House of Assembly of Ife Central and Ife East who were with the high political expectations to represent the party at the different platforms of political office. 

The Tsunami of coalition came at one swell fell by taking away the two slots of state House of Assembly from the core APC loyalists that had already emerged as APC candidates in Ife East State Constituency and Ife Central State Constituency, this was secretly done to give a soft landing for the supplementary election and also to canvass for APC Presidential candidates, APC senatorial candidate in Osun East Senatorial and APC candidate of House of Representatives in Ife Federal Constituency. 

At the end of the general election, it was discovered that the general belief that APC members in Ife Federal Constituency were largely shortchanged in this political arrangement, political appointments and political elective posts. 

Now it is time for federal appointments, the sterling efforts of Senator Jide Omoworare, Hon. Albert Adeogun and Prince Tunji Ogunwusi is to be usurped on who facilitated and revamped Ife Dam project and Hydroelectric power station the way people’s mandates was taking through back door and antics of Omisore. 

Concomitantly as a matter of fact, there were four contenders in the last Osun state gubernatorial election held on 22nd of September, 2018; 
  1. Gov. Adegboyegba Oyetola of APC who pulled 254,345 votes, 
  2. Senator Ademola Adeleke 254,698 votes, 
  3. Senator Iyiola Omisore, 126,879 votes 
  4. Alhaji Moshood Adeoti 49,000 votes. 

INEC declared election process inconclusive due to the fact that there were seven units which election was cancelled in four Local Government Areas and a rerun election was consequently conducted on 27th of September, 2018. 

The affected Local Government Areas are as follows:

1. Orolu Local Government- Polling Unit a and 4 in Ward 8 and Polling Unit 3 in Ward 9

2. Ife North Local Government- Polling Unit 2 in Oyere 11 Alapata Vilage Ward 10.

3. Ife South Local Government- Polling Unit 012, Adereti ward 7 and Polling Unit 010 in Osi Ward 8, Roman Catholic Mission Primary School, Aluti Erin.

4. Osogbo local Government – polling Unit 017 in Ward 5. 

It was made to believe that the coalition made the APC winning possible but it was not.

Why did APC Stalwarts (Buharists and APC Loyalists including the APC Chairman) believed that Senator Iyiola Omisore was the game changer, it was as a result of 126,879 votes pulled in the gubernatorial election. Considering the fact that the presidency needed his support to win Osun state with an obvious margin. 

The permutation was that APC is the ruling party in Osun state coupled with the support of Senator Iyiola Omisore in Ile Ife, President Buhari would record a huge success in the general election slated for February 2019 but the true position is opposite, the reality dawned on many of these brain teasers after the Presidential and National Assembly elections. 

Senator Iyiola Omisore failed to deliver his polling unit at Saint Gabriel and Moore - his ward for Buhari, Hon. Isreal Famurewa, and my learned brother Honourable emeritus; Hon. Folorunso Bamisayemi, lost the candidates who did not have support of Otunba Omisore, and incidentally Atiku won the presidential election in Ife Federal Constituency, Fadahunsi (PDP) won Senatorial slot of Osun East, Ajilesoro of (PDP) won Ife Federal Constituency – House of Representatives. 

All PDP candidates won the elections in Ife Federal Constituency. Ife Central, Ife East. Ife South and Ife North Local Government.

Where was the political heavyweight of Omisore and 127,000 votes? 

Hon. Bamisaye would have won the election if he did not place a reliance on the political heavyweight. It is a pity that Mr. Bisi Awowole did not refer to this in the intimidating credential of Otunba Omisore.

How relevant is Otunba Iyiola Omisore in Ife politics in 2018/2019?

Though he pulled almost 127,000 votes. The votes came to him on a patriotism ground, that Ile Ife is backward in the comity of communities in South west as it used to be and a son of Ife was contesting for the governor of Osun State, having lost to Ogeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola in 2014. 

The mass electorates in Ile Ife voted for him in anticipation that he would make the cradle of Yoruba proud.

A little wonder to see that his campaign strategy was weak in other Federal Constituencies of Osun state apart from Ife Federal Constituency. 

This gave him the golden opportunity to trace his political misfortune to the camp of progressive. Consequently, there was a political abracadabra, the bait of coalition was precariously dangled at APC leaders and the progressives went for it and the rest is history.

You can imagine someone who was going down the drain of political relevance was suddenly and impatiently resurrected_by the Buharists.  

He sold the dummy of coalition to them. The coalition is a charade.
However, Coalition did not only yield negative result for APC but also was not carefully woven into all inclusive cohesion of different groups and interests of Party leadership, followership, aspirants and candidates where the stakeholders were meant to reconcile. 

Coalition between APC and SDP came with its strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of political game. The strength of coalition is that it might have given APC an overwhelming victory as we had during the Alliance for Democracy days if the opportunity that presented itself was taken into consideration by taking advantage of 350,000 registered voters in Ife Federal Constituency – one- fifth of the total registered voters in Osun state

The fear of threat is the beginning of the wisdom, part of the weakness was that the party leaders abandoned All Progressives Congress structure in Ife land, the batons of leadership and the seat of leadership changed to the house of Otunba Omisore, a non member of the party, this left the loyalists an committed members of APC aggrieved and the principle of APC democracy ideology on membership driven was jettisoned and the chosen mantra of justice, fairness and equity were no longer in action. 

In case you do not know, this is A to Z of what you need to know.

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