19 Mar 2019

Edo Lady Uses ‘Juju’ And ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ To Fight Her Rival On Facebook (Video)

An abroad-based Nigerian woman has been making the rounds online after deciding to go diabolical against her supposed rival/enemy on Facebook.

The woman identified as Laura Ben from Edo state, lashed out on another popular Facebook user from Edo, Monica Ambrose based in Netherlands.
In a video which she posted online and even urged her followers to share, Laura can be seen making some incantations with a traditional artifact which had a small snake, keys and other fetish items on it as she said the snake will swallow Monica and all her things.
Laura who also lit a candle while she continued with her incantations and swearing – said she will deal with Monica seriously.
At a point in the video, Laura can also be heard saying ‘Holy ghost fire consume monica’.
She said the war is between both of them and she doesn’t need to buy plane ticket to meet her (Monica) in her country because she can fight her spiritually.

Meanwhile, internet users have reacted to the trending video.

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Edo Lady Uses ‘Juju’ And ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ To Fight Her Rival On Facebook (Video)
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